Transferfilms for chocolate

The transfer films for chocolate are used to get great motives on thin chocolate surfaces.

You can create stunning effects on dark, bright and milk chocolate in a really simple way.

Our wide range of different imaginative foil-designs offers the perfect motive  for each occasion.

The perfect decoration for  your cake, dessert, chocolates and petit-four.

See in this following video how a transferfilm for chocolate is to be used:

You can find our chocolate transferfilms here: Transferfilms for chocolate

Baking Paper with patterns

The baking paper with motives is an innovation in our product range.

You can use the baking paper as you normally do.

The motives transfer from the paper to the dough while it is baking.

A really beautiful way to decorate sponge rolls or cakes that are not covered with a topping.

Here a example how to use a Baking paper with patterns:

Here you can see a few decoration ideas for your cake! Have fun!

Chocolate Cake with Gold-Powder


Happy Birtday cake with lilac marzipan roses

Chocolate Cake with chocolate decoration and yellow flowers

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