15 pcs Butterflies, dark chocolate

Art.No.: 01119
Sales Unit: 15 Piece
Size: 30 x 31 mm
Material: Chocolate
Motiv: Butterfly
Colour: blue, green, pink, yellow
Weight: 405g
Sold out for this season
Due to quality reasons we’re unable to deliver chocolate items by temperatures over 25 degrees. In particular case we’ll check if we can send the goods or not.

Manufacturer:  Günthart & Co. KG - Hauptstraße 37 - 79801 Hohentengen a.H. - Germany
Net weight:  405.000 g

Sales name:  Chocolate decor with color
Ingredients list:  Cocoa 62% mind. Ingredients: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier SOY LECITHINE, WHOLE MILK POWDER, natural vanilla flavour, colors: E 100, E 101, E 120, E 131, E 132, E 133, E 171. May contain traces of nuts.
Allergic information 1:  WHOLE MILK POWDER
Allergic information 2:  SOY LECITHIN

Nutrition facts per 100g

Nutrition:  100 g
Caloric value:  2415,00000 kJ
Fat:  42,0 g
Saturated fatty acids:  25,2 g
Carbohydrates:  39,9 g
Sugar:  37,2 g
Proteins:  5,3 g
Salt:  0,01 g

Storage information:  Stored in a dry place and not above room temperature. Tip: For easy use, placethe chocolate blister in the fridge without the protective cover paper for half an hour.
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